Dynafit Ultra 50 GTX Running Shoe Women női cipő

Dynafit Ultra 50 GTX Running Shoe Women női cipő

Cikkszám: 08-0000064069

Hosszú futásokra szánt, GORE-TEX anyagból készült női terepfutó cipő

Waterproof, well-cushioned and comfortable – the Ultra 50 GTX for women is the perfect running shoe for long distances on challenging alpine trails. With the Ultra 50 GTX, no trail will be too long even in rain or mud. This shoe was developed especially for long runs on alpine terrain where safety and protection are demanded. The Trail Running shoe features impressive cushioning and a comfortable fit for comfort that never stops on distances of 40k or more. Its innovative GORE-TEX Invisible Fit Membrane adds an extra waterproof barrier to the Ultra 50 GTX to keep your feet reliably dry even in wet conditions. With a drop of 8 mm, the Alpine Rocker outsole design with rounded edges, and a high level of cushioning, the Ultra 50 promotes a dynamic feel even on demanding terrain. The flexible construction of the waterproof GORE-TEX Invisible Fit Technology and the seamless tongue construction ensures this shoe offers great stability while never cramping your feet, effectively preventing pressure points. Also equipped for ultrarunning distances, the shoe has a high-volume fit. The Ultra 50 GTX’s POMOCA outsole stands out with its open, aggressive tread. This tread was developed especially for wet and muddy surfaces and offers optimum grip and responsiveness even in adverse conditions. Reinforcing Ballistic Bumpers at the toe box and TPU overlays at sensitive areas protect feet from the effect of impacts on rocky terrain. With the traditional lacing system, you can customize a precise fit to your foot’s anatomy. The Invisible Lacing System’s extra fabric layer keeps laces stowed securely on runs and keeps dirt and stones from getting into your shoes. The time-tested DYNAFIT Heel Preloader lends extra support at the heel. Ultra 50 GTX – Running without limits no matter what the weather.

Drop: 8mm

Fit: Maximal

Gender: Female

Productid: 08-0000064069

Weight: 270 g

Dynafit Ultra 50 GTX Running Shoe Women női cipő



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