Dynafit Feline SL Running Shoe Women női terepfutó cipő

Dynafit Feline SL Running Shoe Women női terepfutó cipő

Cikkszám: 08-0000064054

A méltán népszerű FELINE SL megújult változata, POMOCA talpal, amelyet laza talajra, sárba, hóba terveztek nők számára.

With its deep, aggressive tread, the Feline SL running shoe for women guarantees optimum traction on soft and muddy surfaces. The shoe is a proven DYNAFIT bestseller and a true Swiss army knife for every trail adventure. The Feline SL is an impressive, versatile, sturdy companion that will keep you feeling totally great on soft surfaces as well as on mud and snow. In particularly suitable for middle distances, the Feline SL GTX scores big for its responsiveness, ideal traction, and well-balanced cushioning. The POMOCA outsole boasts a blend of lateral stability at the forefoot, excellent grip in the mid-foot area, and at the same time improved traction at the toes and heel - even on wet or slick surfaces. Its drop is 8 mm, guaranteeing good support and dynamic power. The Sensitive Fit of the shoe offers you a precise, comfortable fit and assists in a natural roll-through into toe-off. The Feline SL’s Quick Lacing System is combined with the protection of the DYNAFIT Invisible Lacing Technology. With that you can on the one hand lace your shoe quickly and precisely. On the other hand, the protective stretch lace cover ensures that no rocks and dirt get into your shoe and that the laces remain safely stowed. Additional features of this trail running shoe include an injection-molded TPU toe cap to decrease the effect of impacts on the toes and forefoot. In addition, what DYNAFIT calls a “Heel Preloader” – a diagonal reinforcement at the heel – improves overall hold. Feline SL – The complete package for your multisport adventures.

Drop: 8mm

Fit: Minimal Fit

Gender: Female

Productid: 08-0000064054

Weight: 250 gr

Dynafit Feline SL Running Shoe Women női terepfutó cipő



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