Dynafit Alpine Running Shoe Women női terepfutó cipő

Dynafit Alpine Running Shoe Women női terepfutó cipő

Cikkszám: 08-0000064065

Könnyű, kényelmes és sokoldalú női terepfutó cipő

This Alpine running shoe for women is a lightweight, responsive and extremely versatile companion on technical terrain. This Trail Running shoe has very good cushioning and a comfortable fit. With a drop of 6 mm from heel to forefoot, this mid-volume shoe is ideal for fast workouts and runs of varying distances. To keep you moving fast on challenging terrain and in poor weather conditions, the Alpine shoe features a grippy Vibram Megagrip outsole that guarantees perfect grip and a secure hold all the time. Its seamless tongue construction ensures superb comfort without pressure points for extra long staying power. Its rounded Alpine Rocker sole design and well-balanced cushioning achieve a dynamic, responsive running sensation. Alpine Trail Running Shoe – all you need for your daily runs.

Drop: 6mm

Fit: Medium

Gender: Female

Productid: 08-0000064065

Weight: 240 g

Dynafit Alpine Running Shoe Women női terepfutó cipő



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